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Student Success Coaching

"What we need are college graduates who will produce innovative work, lead, solve problems and make things of value not ones who will produce mediocre work, maintain the status quo and generate the best PowerPoint slides" -Brian J. Elizardi More about Brian

"What we need are college graduates who will produce innovative work, lead, solve problems and make things of value not ones who will produce mediocre work, maintain the status quo and generate the best PowerPoint slides"
-Brian J. Elizardi

More about Brian

Within each of us lies a creator, an innovator, a producer, an inventor, an artist waiting to be unearthed. The world is waiting for you to create things of value and give your gifts to it. But the unfortunate reality is that today's institutions of higher learning aren't equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy.

Rather than helping students become indispensable and produce value that organizations and communities care deeply about, schools are instead training students to fit in, play it safe, conform, suppress their talents, bury their natural-born instincts, become risk-averse, embrace fear and be average in a world that needs them to be remarkable.

For others, they pursue higher education to no end, hoping that like a bland food it will somehow taste better if they just keep eating more. These students rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt all riding on the hope that some employer will magically gift them with the golden ticket to make it all worth while.

Given the rising cost of tuition paired with the stagnant job market, it's essential that students gain maximum value from their college degree. It's equally important that students engage in college with purpose and direction. 

My commitment to your learning

As a Master's credentialed life coach with a degree in student development and over a decade of experience in student coaching, I help students access individual resources and creativity to build upon their unique strengths and talents. I have worked with traditional college students, adult learners, executives, business leaders and small and large organizations to produce and sustain change and streamline processes.

My guidance is straightforward, practical, action-oriented and invaluable. My combination of business experience, professional coaching training and education allows me to confidently provide the highest quality service, while maintaining a true partnership with my clients. I am adept at zeroing in on obstacles to progress, helping clients discover workable strategies and solutions that will move them toward their academic, financial, career or personal goals. 

What we can accomplish together

Through student success coaching, I can help you make important progress on many of the following items:

  • Develop a clear and elevating vision of your goals
  • Guide you in connecting your daily activities including those outside of the classroom with your long-term goals
  • Identify strategies for overcoming both academic and personal barriers and leverage your unique strengths to achieve measurable success
  • Build the necessary skills to achieve lasting personal and academic success
  • Choose majors that reflect your life goals and interests and use your courses to build important skills to position you for jobs in that field upon graduation
  • Develop plans that include securing internships, conducting informational interviews and making progress towards career and professional interests
  • Build comfort and capacity with networking and establishing strategic relationships for your career
  • Decrease the stress and anxiety associated with procrastination and get things done on time
  • Harness learning disabilities like ADHD and effectively manage your course load and professors
  • Explore career goals, develop plans for successfully enrolling in MBA, JD and other graduate programs and transition into working life upon graduation
  • Develop your social brand and begin building your online reputation
  • Learn how to write engaging cover letters and craft your resume to maximize job search success

A truly rich college experience awaits any individual who is open to the coaching experience

Together we can zero in on your obstacles to success in school and discover new strategies that move you toward greater academic, career and personal success. Coaching can help you relieve the feeling of overwhelm and instill greater focus, clarity and confidence. To get started, contact me or set up a free initial consultation

“You have brilliance in you, your contribution is valuable, and the art you create is precious. Only you can do it, and you must.” -Seth Godin


The increase in overall student retention over a 18-24 month period of students who worked with a coach

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Praise for Brian

“Brian has been a great asset to me at school, both through his advice with my school curriculum but also with advice on my career. He is available for a very organized and a prompt professional. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him.” 

Kelly G.
MBA Student (Denver)

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